Nanette Seago, PI

Nanette Seago is a program director in WestEd’s STEM Program. Seago conducts research and designs professional development materials that prepare middle and high school mathematics teachers to more effectively teach challenging mathematical concepts. As PI for the VIM project, she oversees the project work, develops VIM modules, manages the budget, and engages in writing reports, papers and conference proposals.


Cathy Carroll, Co-PI

Bio coming soon.


Katie Salguero

Katie Salguero is a Research Associate in the STEM Program. Salguero designs and facilitates face-to-face and online professional development for K–12 mathematics teachers. She also supports research studies in mathematics education for PK-14. For the VIM project, Salguero leads the online facilitation of the VIM modules and helps with the production of the VIM modules.


Linlin Li

Linlin Li is a Senior Research Associate at WestEd. She develops and directs research and evaluations with local, statewide, and national agencies. For the VIM project, Li leads the design and analysis of the quantitative components of the research study.


Bob Montgomery, Co-PI

Bob Montgomery is a Digital Learning Strategist at WestEd. He has set strategic direction and managed numerous digital professional learning projects ranging from dynamic resource collections and interactive courses to professional learning communities for teachers, administrators, and colleagues. As Co-PI for the VIM project, he leads the digital production of the VIM modules within the online learning platform.


Angela Knotts

Angela Knotts is a former secondary mathematics teacher and a Research Associate in WestEd’s STEM Program. Knotts designs and facilitates professional development for mathematics teachers and supports research studies in mathematics education and PD. For the VIM project, Knotts leads the administration of the research study.


Leslie Thornley

Leslie Thornley is a research associate with a special emphasis in K–6 mathematics education. Thornley designs and facilitates professional development for mathematics teachers. For the VIM project, Thornley interviews participants and assists with aggregation of data.

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