About Video in the Middle

This project addresses the key challenge of providing high-quality professional development for mathematics teachers that improves their content knowledge and pedagogical skills when teaching linear functions. It aims to develop web-based professional development formats that can be tailored to teachers’ needs, are flexible, scalable, and accessible, both financially and logistically.

Goal 1

Design and develop a bank of 40 individual Video in the Middle modules that provide opportunities for teachers to deepen their content knowledge of linear functions, expressions and equations, and connecting representations in the context of the work of teaching.​

Goal 2

Create three delivery formats in order to meet the variety of teacher education/PD needs (individual self-paced, group-paced, facilitated/structured course) and flexible pathways and sequences of multiple VIM modules for PD providers and teacher educators to use in their own contexts.

Goal 3

Establish whether the VIM modules and pathways (particular sequences of VIMs) show evidence of promise for improving teacher content knowledge, specialized content knowledge, teaching practice, and student outcomes.

Goal 4

Describe and compare the affordances and challenges of each delivery format (individual self-paced, group-paced, facilitated/structured course).

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